The Last Blueberries (by Poppy)

Our dozen blueberry bushes planted six years ago haven’t done very well due to heavy clay stones, soil and the poor care we gave them. We expect to do much better when we get to the homestead. However several bore some fruit and one bore fruit abundantly this season. Faith and Anna love blueberries.

The bushes started ripening in June and the grands were quick to notice. So Anna, Poppy and Faith monitored the progress on an almost daily basis. As the berries turned “blue” all over they were quickly consumed. A few did not quite ‘blue out’ before they met their destiny. The one prolific bush gave up its last fruit today, about a dozen berries. The girls were as happy and enthusiastic as they were when they first started. Faith pronounced them, “yum, yum, yum!”

It is a great delight to spend time with all of my beautiful granchildren. To spend time with them so regularly is beyond delightful! Their quirks, their charm, their love is as much as this grandfather (Poppy to them) could ever expect to receive on this side of heaven.


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