Pioneer Camp

I was talking to my neighbor the other day and she told me all about how her kids went to farm camp this summer. I was intrigued. Upon further discussion I learned that “farm camp” started three years ago at a local farm. They put out the call to all the kids in the area to come and learn about life on the farm. What this entails is teaching them  how to milk cows, gather eggs, feed chickens, weed, harvest crops etc., etc., etc. I stood there with my mouth open thinking, this is the most brilliant thing I’ve ever heard of! These folks have figured out a way for people to pay them to help during the busiest time of the year. It got me to thinking. Once we hit The Homestead and we’re up to our ears in repairs, building, planting, animal care  etc., I’m going to start “Pioneer Camp.” Come with your kids for a week or two and we’ll teach you all kinds of fabulous and uselful things. Heck, we’ll even feed you like kings. All you have to do is show up and work like the flames of hell are nipping at your heals. Whose in?


3 thoughts on “Pioneer Camp

  1. When my mom found out I paid money to send Ryan to farm camp to learn to do chores and farm work, she nearly had a conniption….I heard mutterings of “That’s what’s wrong with America today.” and “Paying…chores…someone else…not even your own house.” Ah well, he had a blast and got to feed and tend animals we couldn’t have on our postage stamp-sized suburban lawn.

    • hmmm – I’d like to start a Spring and Summer Landscaping Club, come rake, weed, plant flowers, spread mulch etc – we’ll even supply “camperships” so you can come for free!!

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