Asthma, Help! I’m Suffocating (Reiner)

We moved to Casa Grande, Arizona in the Fall of 1998. Sometime thereafter, breathing became more difficult for me. Since allergies had been a problem for me for several decades, it did not occur that some new problem might be developing.

Finding it difficult to breathe, particularly at night when it became necessary to get into an upright position, the need to see a doctor finally became apparent. I was spending more time in bed at night gasping for air than in bed sleeping. The Fall of 1999 I saw a doctor.

After careful examination the doctor said that it was asthma and gave me a prescription for an inhaler. I used it a couple of times and obtained some relief. but was concerned when an article I read described the alarming increase of people found dead with an inhaler in hand. About the same time, an article crossed my desk written by an M.D. from Texas proclaiming the wonder of cayenne pepper. It was all very interesting, but the most exciting part was his declaration that cayenne pepper could cure asthma.

The same day, cayenne pepper in hand , 100 capsules for $2.98 from Wal-Mart, I started a very successful protocol in use to this day.

The article cautioned that cayenne pepper should not be taken with caffeine or citrus. When carelessness led to forgetfulness, a severe cayenne stomach ache immediately followed and an important lesson was learned.

About 4-5 years later an inflamed bursa cause me considerable pain and research suggested that as long as nightshades were consumed (cayenne is a nightshade) one could not expect any relief from pain. A discontinuation of cayenne shortly resulted in the mother of all asthma attacks. Conclusion? It is better to suffer some pain and continue breathing than to be pain from but DEAD!

Today, thirteen years later, cayenne pepper is consumed daily, anywhere from 4-12 capsules taken with meals. And I breathe freely!

An aside from Whitney: Cayenne pepper is also great for circulatory health and has been shown to be very effective in reducing blood pressure. Somewhat paradoxically it is also a wonder at rebuilding the stomach lining and curing intestinal ulcers. It breaks up mucus and congestion in colds and flu. It has successfully been used to prevent migraines. It is an anti-infamatory and has been used for both arthritis and diabetes sufferers. It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. But most exciting to my aging self, it is a fabulous metabolism booster. So whose stopping by the drug store today? Happy healing.


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