The Best Laid Plans

I have lived long enough to know that bad stuff doesn’t only happen to bad people and that disaster doesn’t just strike the other guy. Am I a fatalist? No way! I am positive and forward moving but the truth is you have to be prepared in life because no matter what you do, life happens and it’s not always pretty.

When the earthquake hit Fukushima, Japan, I had an eighteen-month old and was pregnant with our second child. I watched suffering that I did not expect to see in our modern world. People starved to death because food and drinkable water could not get to them in a timely manner. People died under piles of rubble because there weren’t enough people for search and rescue.

Having lived in California during two major earthquakes, I’ve learned enough to be prepared. Having children has given me incentive to up my game.

I can’t protect my children from everything. I have had family members die in a plane crash, in a car accident and from a brain tumor. I can’t control these things. But I can make sure that my children have basic survival skills that seem to have been bred out of us in recent generations. I don’t want my girls thinking that the only way to get food is to buy it from someone else. I want them to have the pleasure and security of putting their own hands into the soil and watching their labor grow into something that will feed and sustain them.

In the last couple of weeks our world has known great devastation. With hurricane Sandy, we’ve all seen the pictures and can’t begin to relate.  A 7.5 earthquake rocked Canada, another in Guatemala at 7.4 and then a 6.0 this week in Mexico. Things are changing in our world every day and I for one am not going to think that they will never happen to me.

A worthy recipe for a disaster of any kind is Garbage Soup. What Garbage Soup entails is throwing every leftover in your refrigerator in a pot with some chicken or beef stock.  No garbage soup is ever the same and every one that I’ve made or eaten has always been strangely delicious. So if you find yourself low on food or with a power outage and food about to spoil, this is the recipe for you!

My motto in life is to aways plan for the best and prepare for the worst. Don’t let yourself be caught unaware or unprepared and if you have to serve Garbage Soup, make a party out it!


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